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Year 4

This week's homework (week ending Friday 7th July):

Spellings for Mr Lowe and Mr Ashley's reading groups:

Spellings for Miss Peart's group:

Homework for Mr Lowe's maths group:

Homework for Mr Ashley's maths group:

Homework for Mr Lowe's writing group:

Homework for Miss Peart's maths group:

Homework for Mr Ashley's writing group:

Homework for Miss Peart's writing group:

Trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed the recent trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park near Doncaster as part of their scientific studies into Animals and Habitats. The children saw many famous species (and some not-so-famous species) for the first time, with a few children's sandwiches catching the attention of one of the zoo's inhabitants! The children behaved impeccably and were a credit to their adults and the school.

Visit from the local Firefighters

Year 4 were thrilled to meet members of Featherstone's Fire Service, who brought their engine and their equipment to demonstrate the various roles that they perform. The firefighters also gave a presentation about the dangers of making hoax calls or starting fires.

Yorkshire Week - problem solving!

To challenge our children's teamwork, problem solving and independence skills, each class was provided with a boxed gazebo and instructions. With no help from the adults whatsoever, the children were tasked to construct the gazebo so as to have somewhere to eat their cream tea!

In addition to this, the children welcomed Arriva onsite to learn about safety on the buses, as well as members of the local Scout organisation visiting the school to teach the children how to make a variety of knots.

Egypt Day with Chris Cade

Year 4 were excited to welcome back Chris Cade, who this time pretended to be an Egyptian pharaoh in order to provide the children with experiences of life in Ancient Egypt. After performing various royal household chores and learning about the history of Ancient Egypt, the children then began to re-enact the construction of the pyramids!

Sports Day

The children and staff would like to thank Elite Kids Coaching for the highly enjoyable sports day that they hosted on our school field. The children were always on the move and enjoyed the competitive element that the coaches enthusiastically promoted! Even the staff got active, with promising youngster Mr Ashley being pipped to the post by an elderly gentleman.


Summer 2017 Medium Term Plan

Click on the link below to see what our children will be learning about this term.

 Y4 Summer MTP

I've read it!

Following the World Book Day activities, the children in Year 4 have been telling us about the books that they are enjoying. Maddie and Cadence chose The Big Book of Riddles because "it works our brains up". They gave the book 5 out of 5!

The puzzle in the picture was 'Can you make 24 by using the numbers 5, 5, 5 and 1?'

Reading: Newspapers

The children have had fun learning about the differences between broadsheet and tabloid newspapers. We studied how the same story can be reported in different ways depending on the audience - the class particularly enjoyed the puns used by the tabloids!

Science: States of matter

We have been investigating how chemical reactions can cause a change in matter. Mr Lowe added the solid (baking soda - maybe a bit too much!) to the liquid (white vinegar), which in turn created a gas of carbon dioxide to inflate a rubber glove. High fives all round!

We followed our experiment by learning a song about the differences between the different states of matter.

Computing: Coding using Kodu

The children have really enjoyed creating and testing their own games using the Kodu software. Many of the children have expressed an interest in practising their skills at home, so if your child wishes to use Kodu at home they can download it for free here

Where in the world...? Part 2

Above are some more photos from our topic-related activities. These include class 4SP making Kenyan masks, necklaces and food, whilst Class 4LS participate in Japanese meditation and the fiendishly-difficult Skittles Chopstick Challenge. Well done to our chopstick champion, Maddie!

Topic day: Where in the world...?

Year 4's Spring topic is 'Where in the world...?', a geography-based theme which allows us to practise our map skills whilst learning about the cultures and physical geography of countries which are very different to our own. Each class has chosen a country or region to study: 4SP Kenya, 4CA Mexico and 4SL The Far East. The children will learn about their chosen countries and then, at the end of the topic, present their findings to the rest of the year group.

To immerse the children in the topic, Year 4 had a topic day in which the children enjoyed a variety of activities linked to their particular countries.

Spring 2017 Year 4 Timetable

 Click on the link below to see the timetable for Year 4 as of Spring 2017.

Year 4 timetable

Spring 2017 Medium Term Plan

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Spring MTP

Dental hygiene visit

Years 3 and 4 were happy to welcome the dental hygiene team to our school to give advice about looking after our teeth. The talk was very informative and everyone learned new tips about dental hygiene, including the adults!

Top tips:

  • Brush your teeth before breakfast, not after it!
  • Don't use mouthwash after cleaning your teeth; save it for another part of the day.
  • When brushing behind your teeth, hold the toothbrush vertically (towards the ceiling and the floor).
  • Try to avoid drinks with high sugar content such as fizzy pop.
  • Have regular checks with your dentist!

Harvest Festival

Today saw the children performing their Harvest festival celebration at St Thomas'. It was a pleasure to see such great support from the children's families and the local community. Year 4 did the school proud with a polished performance  which incorporated both confident speeches and dancing vegetables! All the children from St Thomas' sang beautifully and were a credit to the school and their families. Thanks go out to the staff for their hard work in preparing for the celebration and to the families for both donating food and attending the event. The donations will remain in church until Sunday before being distributed between a local food bank and other local charities such as the Prince of Wales Hospice.

Autumn Term: Romans

Year 4’s topic this term is ‘Romans’. The children will be creating mosaics, laurel wreaths, shields and milestones in addition to producing models of Roman villas. On Roman Day we were lucky enough to welcome Chris Cade, who used his acting and storytelling skills to bring Roman history to life. The pictures below demonstrate how he introduced the children to the geography of the Empire, marching like a soldier and even taking a dip in the frigidarium!

Autumn 2016 Medium Term Plan

Click on the link below to see what our children will be learning about this term.

Autumn MTP