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St Thomas' CE (VC) Junior School

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Year 6


The Summer Term in Year 6 provides a great learning opportunity for children. We have some fantastic events taking place. Our presentation this year is Romeo & Juliet which will also be our topic for this term. Children will be looking forward to forward to acting, dancing and singing. 

Other highlights of this term will include: the prom, graduation and leavers' service.

Lots of preparation is required for this and we are sure that the children will enjoy their last few weeks at St Thomas'

We also have Elite Coaching every Monday who work on fitness and keeping all the children active throughout each session. Featherstone Rovers are also working with Year 6 this term and encourage team work whilst playing competitive games.

Below is a link to one of the year group's favourite maths games 'Hit the Button!'


Our classroom doors are always open for parents who need to discuss any problems or concerns they have regarding  or any other matters.


The Year 6 teachers are Mrs J Palit (6JP), Mr S Bland (6SB), Miss E Garbett (6EG) & Mr Harris. Our wonderful classroom assistants are Mrs A Fisher and Miss N Gregg. 

To help the children become more independent they have all been given a Homework Diary. The purpose of this is to organise messages, track reading at home and helps teachers communicate with parents individually (if needed).


Year 6 Fun

Visit to Eden Camp

Eden Camp is a modern day history museum and a valuable educational resource which brings history to life.  In the buildings and grounds of an original WWII Prisoner of War Camp, the museum offers a broad insight into all aspects of the military history of WWII, as well as WWI and post WWII conflicts.

Here are some photographs of the days events!

War Horse

This is the final product of the war horse that the children of Year 6 created with the company, Codsteaks. Firstly the children designed and made their own paper poppies. Four lucky children were then chosen to paint the body of the horse and thread the mane and tail. We hope you like it!

Books we are reading:


Terrible Tudors (Terry Deary)

Blitzed Brits (Terry Deary)

Blitz (Robert Westall)

Blitzed (Robert Swindells)

The Hypnotiser (Michael Rosen)

Here are some performances of an angry text message children wrote as follow up work to the Blitzed book.

Mining Museum


Year 6 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit the National Coal Mining Museum (funded by Featherstone Town Council). This consisted of a variety of activities including:

  • Underground Tour (of Pit)
  • History Talk
  • Visit to Pithead Baths/Stables
  • Tour of the museum
  • Layout of the Pit (seminar).

World Book Day

As part of World Book Day Year 6 participated in a variety of book related activities including:

  • Performance Poetry
  • A Book Cafe
  • Comparing extracts and films.

Victorian Day

As part of the Year 6 topic (Victorian life), we transformed Year 6 into a Victorian school complete with an authentic Victorian teacher. Chris Cade (Actor/Historian) delivered a session of arithmetic, reading and ink calligraphy. The pupils took an active role by dressing as Victorian children.

Yorkshire Week

During Yorkshire children participated in a variety of activities.

These include:

  • Making Yorkshire Puddings
  • Yorkshire Dialect
  • Tour De Yorkshire plans
  • Yorkshire Maps
  • Elite Sports Day
  • Yorkshire Art/Landscapes
  • Star Dome (Planetarium)
  • Arriva Bus Talk
  • Den Building

Year 6 Plans