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All meals regardless of preference are recorded using an online system called ParentPay. You will receive an activation letter when your child first starts school, this could take up to a week but we ensure your child will still receive a meal during this time. Everyone in school must activate their account, even if you have Free School Meals or bring a packed lunch. There have been many instances of packed lunches being forgotten or spoilt and your child may need to be given a dinner.

Meals are charged at £2.10 per day/ £10.50 per week and your account should be at least one week's worth of meals in credit. Debt account are taken very seriously and we have a School Meals Debt Policy that ensures appropriate action is taken.

For further information on ParentPay, please see the presentation below. If you are experiencing any difficulties activating your account or using ParentPay, please contact school where we will be happy to help you.

ParentPay Presentation