George Street, Featherstone, West Yorkshire, WF7 5BG

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St Thomas' CE (VC) Junior School

The heart of education is education of the heart

SIAMS Inspection

In June 2016, the school was inspected and judged to be "good". You can find the inspection report below.

  • St Thomas’ Junior School works like a caring Christian family in which children, including those facing many difficulties at home, are enabled to succeed.
  • The teaching about prayer and reflection is outstanding.
  • Children’s success is nurtured in this school through a highly tangible Christian ethos that is characterised by calmness, respect, high ambition, love and care for every child, the strong promotion of prayer and the opportunity to reflect spiritually.
  • Children’s personal development is good: they are polite, considerate, outgoing, conscious of the needs of others, eager to participate in school life and learn and are also proud to respect the rules of their school community. Relationships are excellent. Children and staff enjoy working together.

 SIAMS Report June 2014.doc