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We've had some fabulous work sent in in the past few weeks! You can send your completed work to - all work received will be rewarded with Dojos.

Try to complete 1 piece from EACH section, below: Listening, Composing, Making, Finding Out.


Music Work Set During Lockdown - Easter to May Half Term:

Have a look at this 'Nando's Peri-Ometer' music work.  I'd like every pupil to try to complete one activity per week over the next 4 weeks, please. Choose 1 listening activity, 1 composing activity, 1 making activity and 1 finding-out activity.

'Spicier' work is harder.  Less 'spicy' work is less difficult. 

All levels of difficulty are available to all year groups, except that Year 3 pupils are limited in the COMPOSING challenge (Year 3 should not go any harder than 'Medium' in the composing work, as they have not learned beyond this).

The challenge is - the spicier you go, the more rewards you get!  Look in the left hand column to see how many DOJO points are available to you!!  Some of the harder work is also more fun and more interesting, so don't automatically go for easy. Challenge yourself: how hot can you go?

Email your work to me, ( or ensure you keep your work in a safe place for when we go back to school,

so you can receive DOJOs for your hard work! 

How Spicy Can You GO?


Here are 2 pieces of work from Scarlett, from the 'Finding Out' section. 

She's also done a very detailed PowerPoint about musical instruments, and has received a record number of dojos!

Can you beat her dojo record?  Complete some of the work and send it in.

Here are some fabulous Musical Acrostic poems, from Amelia B: 


Excellent work, Amelia! Mrs Palit will be very pleased to see her name in a musical poem! (2 dojos have been added for you)

We've also had some amazing PowerPoints sent in - they're too big to go on this page, but have received a LOT of Dojos.

A special mention goes to Ruby, in Yr6, who has done 2 incredible PowerPoint presentations, including lots of impressive facts.

Well done, Ruby! Here is a screen shot of just SOME of her slides:


If you haven't done any of the 'Nando's' activities, yet, get busy! 

There are plenty of Dojos on offer,

as well as a chance to have your work displayed on this page!



Often, in class, we play singing games to help us with our musicianship.  Click on this link for daily singing game activities, which you can do on your own.  Just like in class, these are a lot of fun!



Are you missing having a good old sing?  Why not click here to sing some of your old favourites from our singing assemblies!


Here's a new song for this week! "Baby Beluga"


I'm leaving this previous work on here, in case you fancy some extra musical fun:

Please, always get your parent/carer's permission before going online.


These Body Percussion workshops on You Tube are really fun!  Click on one below, to try:

Monday 23rd’s: 

Tuesday 24th’s:

Wednesday 25th’s:

Thursday 26th’s:

Friday 27th’s:

Monday 30th’s:

Tuesday 31st’s:


If this is a bit hard, or you've got a little brother or sister who wants to join in, try one of these, instead:

This one:

Or, this one:


Playing Body Percussion games is such of good way of taking part in music, and actually learning a lot about beat (pulse / heart-beat) and rhythm (the words on your fingertips).  If you'd like to play along with more Body Percussion videos, here’s Ollie’s YouTube channel:

Ollie Tunmer - YouTube

'Sing up and the beat goes on' will include school workshops, teacher CPD and specially developed Sing Up online resource - contact or for details!


What else could you be doing? Well, you could have a go at writing some music on this fun (free!) website.  Click here, and start creating:

When you've done something you're proud of, why not share it on the school Facebook page, or email it into the website!  


Here's another idea: Write a musical acrostic poem of your name.  Here's mine:

Musical Acrostic Poem Example

When you've done it, you can send it in. Why not have a go at doing someone else's name, too - maybe your  class teacher? Perhaps we could put the best ones on this page!  


Stay safe. Stay well. Have fun!


Mrs Hemingway :)