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Year 3

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Dear Year 3,

If you were with us in school we would be beginning our dragon project. This would have involved lots of writing activities all about dragons and a DT project to make your own dragon.

We thought that while you are at home you could create your own dragon.

You could;

  • Use recycling to create a model of your dragon (yoghurt pots, cereal boxes and egg boxes are all great for this)
  • Build a dragon out of Lego
  • Make one from play dough or salt dough
  • Draw, paint or collage a dragon picture

However you decide to create your dragon (you can do as many of the above ideas as you want) make sure you take lots of pictures to show us when you are back in school.

Remember to give your dragon a name, decide if your dragon is good or bad, think about what type of dragon it is (Fire, Ice or Water).

We will be posting different writing activities involving your dragon on the website while you are at home.

Stay safe everyone and we hope to see you soon.

Check out the pictures of the fantastic dragon work that some of our Year 3 children have been doing!

Good Websites

BBC Bitesize has a range of online daily lessons. Click here

Oak National Academy have online daily lessons and quizzes. Click here

There are lots of fun but educational Maths games on or 

Keep up to speed with your times tables at

Parents, you can access educational resources for free at (When you reach the website enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS)

The Newsletter below has a range of fantastic ideas of activities you can do at home.

Families Newsletter April 2020


Click on the link above to find lots of activities to complete



 Check out the Music Page below for lots of fun activities set by Mrs Hemmingway.

Week Beginning 1.6.20


There is still lots of work to do on our dragons topic. In nearly every dragon story there is a castle and a princess. Your next task is to create your own castle. Again, there are lots of different ways you can do this.

You could;

  • Use recycling to create a model of your castle.
  • Build a castle out of Lego
  • Make one from play dough or salt dough
  • Draw, paint or collage a castle picture

However you decide to create your castle (you can do as many of the above ideas as you want) make sure you take lots of pictures and email them to us at where they can be added to our slideshow.


Watch the video to learn all about similes then have a go at the worksheet. Can you try and add at least one simile into your dragon story. Remember to use like or as to compare one thing to another.

Can you invent new similes?

Similes Activity Sheet


Now you have your dragon it’s time to write a story with your dragon as the main character. Click on the document below for some ideas that you could use. Remember to plan your story before you write it. This might take more than one day and can be done one part at a time. Don't forget your punctuation.  

Dragon story ideas


Use the picture to answer the different types of questions. Try to use a full sentence to answer each one.

DIAL Question Activity Sheet


Have a go at the different activities on the UFO Exploration sheet below.

UFO Fantasy Exploration Sheet


Read the instructions on how to make Firey Dragon Jelly then answer the questions.

Firey Dragon Jelly (with answers - but no peeking until after!)

Challenge - Come up with your own version of Firey Dragon Jelly. Change the ingredients and write your own method.



We would have been starting our topic on The Ancient Greeks this term so have provided some activities to get you started on this at home. There will be different activities posted each week.


Click on the PowerPoint below to find out all about The Ancient Greeks. Can you create a poster (either on paper or the computer) using some of the facts you have learnt. Please share these with us when they are finished.

Who were the Ancient Greeks?


Read the information on the Greek Gods and Goddesses below. Use the information to create a fact file for each one. Don't forget your picture!

Greek Gods and Goddesses Information

Greek Gods and Goddesses Fact Files

Great Reads

While you have been at home we hope you have had the chance to read some great books. This week we would like you to recommend books that you think the other children in Year 3 would enjoy. Write the name of the book, the author and a few lines about why you enjoyed it being careful not to give the story away. The books you recommend can be both fiction and non-fiction.

Mrs Kendall has written one below to help give you some ideas of how to do it.

I would like to recommend “The Bolds on Holiday” by Julian Clary. My daughter Evie who is also in year 3 really enjoyed this book it made her laugh out loud. At the end of the story there are pages full of the jokes you find in the book such as:

“Why do seagulls fly over the sea?”

“because if they flew over the bay they’d be bagels!”


“Why did the lobster blush?”

“because the sea weed!”

Ask your adult to email us your suggestions and we will pop them on the website.

Week Beginning 18.5.20



Read the story of St George and the Dragon below. Can you have a go at re-writing the story using your own sentences. Use the story you read as a guide. Try and use adjectives to add description to your story and don't forget your full stops and capital letters.

St George and the Dragon Story

If you find this a bit tricky, use the picture sheet below and write sentences about what you see.

St George and Dragon pictures for sentence writing

Can you create a book cover for the St George and the Dragon story? Remember it needs a title, an author (which will be your name as it's for your story) and a picture (which could include George, a dragon, a village or a cave, a princess)



Fantasy Quest Exploration Sheet

DIAL Question Sheet

Mrs Thomas' Groups


Party differences

Party planner word problems


Design and describe your own dragon egg

Saint George and the dragon comprehension

Click below for pictures from the story of St George and the Dragon. Can you write one sentence to go with each picture. Don't forget your capital letters and full stops.

St George and the Dragon sentences


Have a go at labelling the European Countries below using the map to help you.

European Countries

Now pick one of the countries of Europe and ask an adult to help you research it using the internet. Create a travel booklet for it.

Remember to include:

  • How to get there,
  • The weather and temperature,
  • The food they eat,
  • Things that you can do there,
  • Landmarks and important buildings you might find there.


Use the internet to create fact files for the Endangered Animals in the sheets below. You can choose one or as many as you like.

Endangered Animals Activity Sheet


Week Beginning 11.5.20

Create a Dragon World

Now you have created a dragon character, you need to think about where that dragon might live so this task is all about creating a dragon world. Think of all the things dragons might like to have in the place they live, where they might sleep and what they like to eat.

Create your own fantasy DRAGON WORLD.

Start by drawing the map of the world. Remember it can have a distant mountain, dwarf mines, waterfalls, magical pools, lonely towers, lava rivers, magnificent castles and a dragon nesting site.


Create a missing poster for your dragon. Use the information that you put on your dragon passport last week. Remember to be descriptive so people know what your dragon looks like.  There is an example one below that might help you with ideas and there is also a template to use (although feel free to design your own if you want).

Missing Poster Example

Missing Poster Blank Template


Fantasy-fractal exploration Sheet

DIAL Activity Sheet - The Snail and The Whale


Where in the World?

Hide the pictures of the famous landmarks around the house and garden. Using the worksheet the children hunt for the landmarks, recording the information they find on the sheets.

As an extension task the children can choose one of the landmarks to research and produce an information poster all about it.

Happy Hunting!

Where in the World Record Sheet

Angel of The North

Big Ben

Burj Khalifa

Eiffel Tower

Golden Gate Bridge

Maya Pyramid

Mount Everest

Opera House

Taj Mahal



Have a go at these Map activities. Can you find West Yorkshire on the map? Can you label the cities? Have a go at the challenge, using the internet to help you.

English Counties Activity Sheet

UK Cities Activity Sheet



Week Beginning 4.5.20


Year 3 Maths activities for you to use at home:

Y3 Week 2 Day 1

Y3 Week 2 Day 2

Y3 Week 2 Day 3

Y3 Week 2 Day 4

Y3 Week 2 Day 5


*Please note that although the Hamilton planning says day 1, day 2 etc the work may last more than one day and parents shouldn't feel they have to complete tasks in the time stated in those plans. 

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