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Year 3

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Goodbye Year 3

We have put together a little reminder of our year together and wanted to say Gooodbye and well done for all your hard work during lockdown. We hope you enjoy watching the following slideshow. Have a fabulous summer and see you all soon.

Stay safe everyone and we hope to see you soon.

Check out the pictures of the fantastic work that some of our Year 3 children have been doing!

Good Websites

BBC Bitesize has a range of online daily lessons. Click here

Oak National Academy have online daily lessons and quizzes. Click here

There are lots of fun but educational Maths games on or 

Keep up to speed with your times tables at

Parents, you can access educational resources for free at (When you reach the website enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS)

Time Capsule Booklet

Click on the link above to find lots of activities to complete



 Check out the Music Page below for lots of fun activities set by Mrs Hemmingway.

Week Beginning 13.7.20


 Y3 Week 12 Day 1.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 12 Day 2.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 12 Day 3.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 12 Day 4 Powerpoint for Teachers.pptxDownload
 Y3 Week 12 Day 4.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 12 Day 5 Powerpoint for Teachers.pptxDownload
 Y3 Week 12 Day 5.pdfDownload
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This week the work is based around a book called Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (all resources are provided). There are lots of activities to complete after listening to a reading of the story.

Character Descriptions

Questions on the story

Letter Writing

Story Writing

Weird and Icky Menus

Week Beginning 6.7.20


 Y3 Week 11 Day 1.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 11 Day 2 Powerpoint for Teachers.pptxDownload
 Y3 Week 11 Day 2.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 11 Day 3.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 11 Day 4.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 11 Day 5.pdfDownload
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Your literacy work this week is all based around Greek Myths. There are stories and poems to enjoy before trying a range of activities.

Icarus Story

The story of Icarus - Monster description

Comparing Stories

Instructional Writing - the Minotaur

Story Opinions

Writing about hopes

Mrs Thomas' Groups


 1. Days of the week.pptDownload
 2. Months of the year.pptDownload
 3. Days, weeks and months.docDownload
 4. Yesterday, today, tomorrow.docDownload
 5. Calendar questions.docDownload
 6. Days of the week paperchain.docDownload
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Rainforest Project

Have a look at the Animals of the Rainforest PowerPoint and the Animal Fact Files. Choose one of the animals and create your own information sheet about it (use the information here and any of your own research).  After you have done this can you draw your chosen animal and either colour it, paint it or collage it. Why not add a Rainforest background to it too.

Animal Fact File PowerPoint.pptx

Animal Fact Files.pdf

Animal Fact File Activity.pdf

Week Beginning 29.6.20


 Y3 Week 10 Day 1 Powerpoint for Teachers.pptxDownload
 Y3 Week 10 Day 1.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 10 Day 2 Powerpoint for Teachers.pptxDownload
 Y3 Week 10 Day 2.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 10 Day 3.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 10 Day 4.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 10 Day 5.pdfDownload
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Your Literacy work this week is to learn all about conjunctions and adverbs before using these to improve your writing. There are two Power Points to watch and listen to first and then there are activities each day which are all based on the Harry Potter stories and films. 

Adverbs PowerPoint

Clauses and Conjunctions Powerpoint

Day 1 - Sorting Hat Conjunctions

Day 2 - Sorting Hat Clauses

Day 3 - Broomstick Emotions

Day 4 - Quidditch Adverbs

Day 5 - Neville and Snape School Reports


Below are four short reading comprehensions all about Magic, Witches and Wizards. Read the text and have a go at answering the questions. 

One Tiny Mistake.pdf

Ozma and the Little Wizard.pdf

The Cat in the Witch's Woods.pdf

The Salem Witch Trials.pdf


Take inspiration from the pictures below to create your own circle art. Draw round a plate or something similar on to a piece of A4 paper. Use a ruler to split the paper in quarters make sure each section has a different design in it and use contrasting colours to make the patterns stand out. make sure it is bright and colourful.

Week Beginning 22.6.20


 Y3 Week 9 Day 1 Powerpoint for Teachers.pptxDownload
 Y3 Week 9 Day 1.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 9 Day 2.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 9 Day 3.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 9 Day 4.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 9 Day 5.pdfDownload
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A Cloudy Lesson

Watch the short animation 'A Cloudy Lesson' and have a go at the activities below.


Diary writing.

Imagine that you are the boy from the clip. Write a diary to detail the events from your point of view. Consider the questions below to help you make a plan for your writing. Either use the template below or your own paper to complete it. Remember to start with Dear Diary, 

Was this your first attempt at blowing clouds?

Who is the man and why is he training you?

How were you feeling before your training?

What was it like trying to blow your first cloud?

 What did the man say to you when you bent the wand?

Were you expecting what happened next?

How and why will you remember this day?

Diary Template


While you are watching the film, can you identify the different emotions displayed by the man and the boy? If there are any words you don't know then you can either ask an adult or look them up using the internet.

Emotions Activity Sheet


Watch the film again. Answer the questions on it. You might find it easier to answer them as you're going along by pausing the film in different paces.

Questions about 'A Cloudy Lesson'


Learn all about how to shorten words by using apostrophes in the Powerpoint below and the video link to BBC Bitesize. Then have a go at the activity booklet to practise what you have learnt.

Shortening words by using apostrophes

Apostrophes Activity Booklet


Watch the PowerPoint all about similes and adjectives. There are lots of activities to have a go at as you're working your way through the slides

Similes and Adjectives PowerPoint



Below are some activities all about light, shadows and reflection. Read the information sheet and have a go at the activities.

 Light Information Sheet

Light Sources Activity Sheet

Light, Reflection and Shadows Crossword

Week Beginning 15.6.20


 Y3 Week 8 Day 1.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 8 Day 1_Powerpoint for Teachers.pptxDownload
 Y3 Week 8 Day 2.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 8 Day 3.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 8 Day 3_Powerpoint for Teachers.pptxDownload
 Y3 Week 8 Day 4.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 8 Day 5.pdfDownload
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All about Me

This week your writing task is all about you. We would like you to do a piece of writing with the title 'All about me' that can be passed onto your new teachers when you move into Year 4. Remember to make this your neatest work (first impressions are everything!) and remember to write in full sentences using capital letters and full stops. Add a picture of yourself to finish off. You can include:

  • Your name and age,
  • Who you live with and important people to you,
  • What subjects you like at school and why,
  • Your hobbies and any clubs you do,
  • What you would like to do when you are older (as a job or places you would like to go).


Caring for a Dragon

Can you create an instruction leaflet giving details on 'How to care for a Dragon'. Use the 'Pet Care of a Dog' leaflet below to give you some ideas about the layout and the headings you can use but remember you can use your imagination a lot more on your leaflet. Try and include:

  • Headings
  • Bullet Points
  • Boxes
  • Pictures (with labels)
  • At least one 'Did you know' heading.

Pet Care of a Dog


Learn all about alliteration by watching the PowerPoint. Have a go at the different activities on the slides. 



Use the picture to answer the different types of questions. Try to use a full sentence to answer each one.

DIAL Activity Sheet



Below are some reading comprehensions for you to have a go at. There are varying levels of difficulty so pick the one you think is right and give it a go. Answers are at the end but no peeking until afterwards. Winking Face Emoji (U+1F609)

Amazing Antarctica

Ronald the Rhino

Pet Care of a Cat

Garden Birds


Read the Magnets information sheet and complete the tasks below. Can you find any magnetic and non-magnetic materials around your house?

Magnets Information Sheet

Magnetic Materials Game

Pushes and Pulls Activity Sheet


Look at the PowerPoint all about the history of the Olympics in Ancient Greece. Then complete the activity by sorting the events.

 The Olympic Games PowerPoint

Comparing the Ancient and Modern Olympic Games


Using the information in the PowerPoint can you create an information sheet all about the Olympics in Ancient Greece.


Choose one of the sporting events and draw it onto the vase template below. Use the PowerPoint to help you.

Greek Vase.pdf

Week Beginning 8.6.20

World Oceans Day

On Monday 8th June it is World Oceans Day.  There are lots of fantastic information packs, videos and activities on the following website so you can learn all about our amazing oceans.


Look at the Fact File all about Dolphins below. Can you create a poster/information sheet or booklet of your own all about dolphins.




 Y3 Week 7 Day 1.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 7 Day 2.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 7 Day 2_Powerpoint for Teachers.pptxDownload
 Y3 Week 7 Day 3.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 7 Day 4.pdfDownload
 Y3 Week 7 Day 4_Powerpoint for Teachers.pptxDownload
 Y3 Week 7 Day 5.pdfDownload
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We are carrying on with our dragon work this week and are now starting to think about the hero of the story - 'The Knight'. There are two activities to do on this below.

1) Draw your own knight and create a word bank full of adjectives (WOW words) about him, then write a description of him using some of the words from your word bank.  Remember you can tell us what he looks like, what sounds you can hear, what sort of person he is and how he moves.

2) Create a Wanted Poster trying to recruit a suitable knight who can 'defeat the deadly dragon'. There is an example one below and also a blank template if you want to use it. Don't forget to add your own picture from the Knight that you designed.

Wanted Example

WANTED Blank Template


Use the picture to answer the different types of questions. Try to use a full sentence to answer each one.

DIAL Activity Sheet


Read the information all about the Human Body then answer the questions.

Amazing Facts About the Human Body Comprehension.pdf


We are carrying on with our Greek Topic this week and are going to focus on Greek Theatre Masks and Greek Vases. Find information below on how they were used and then complete the activities


Greek Vases.

Greek Vase Template

Greek Vase Facts

Greek Vase-Photo-Powerpoint


Greek Masks

Use the templates below or design you own. Paint or colour your mask in with bright colours.

The Greek Theatre

Greek Mask 1

Greek Mask 2


Look below to find information about Animals including humans. Read the information sheet and then have a go at the activities. 

 Nutrition Diary Editable.docxDownload
 Nutrition Diary Home Learning Task.pdfDownload
 Science Information Sheet - Animals Including Humans.pdfDownload
 Skeleton Cut Out and Label Home Learning Task - Editable.docxDownload
 Skeleton Cut Out and Label Home Learning Task.pdfDownload
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Great Reads

While you have been at home we hope you have had the chance to read some great books. This week we would like you to recommend books that you think the other children in Year 3 would enjoy. Write the name of the book, the author and a few lines about why you enjoyed it being careful not to give the story away. The books you recommend can be both fiction and non-fiction.

Mrs Kendall has written one below to help give you some ideas of how to do it.

I would like to recommend “The Bolds on Holiday” by Julian Clary. My daughter Evie who is also in year 3 really enjoyed this book it made her laugh out loud. At the end of the story there are pages full of the jokes you find in the book such as:

“Why do seagulls fly over the sea?”

“because if they flew over the bay they’d be bagels!”


“Why did the lobster blush?”

“because the sea weed!”

Ask your adult to email us your suggestions and we will pop them on the website.