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Year 5

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 If you feel that your child requires a more personalised curriculum, please see the SEND page where there are some activities to complete - click here to go there!

Week Beginning 1.6.20

If you would like to email work (that you have completed over the previous weeks) to publish on the website then please send it to:

Lilly P has sent a PowerPoint about Rainforests. .

We have had a Hamster Diary and a poster about the end of the Mayans sent in by Maisy. View their work under the tasks for this week.




We would be starting a new rainforest topic if we were in school this week. Check out the first task below.

Click on the website above to answer the following questions. Create a poster or a PowerPoint.

What is a rainforest?

Where are rainforests found?

What are the largest rainforests?

What is the weather/climate like in a rainforest?

Can you share an interesting fact you read about on the page?


Protecting our Oceans- ​Marine life faces a number of threats including plastic pollution, tourism, habitat destruction, ocean warming and overfishing. How can we make a difference now? Sketch an image representing the impact society is having on today’s oceans using a drawing material of your choice. Afterwards, you may wish to sketch an image of an ideal ocean environment.


Story writing:

Watch the clip above and retell the story. How did the girl (Mara) feel at the beginning when her design failed again? How did Mara and the little boy feel when they first saw each other? Use adjectives to describe their feelings in the story.


Build on your fraction work from last week by adding mixed numbers (See 18.5.20)

Worksheet activity

Complete the maze 

 The answers are on the second page of each of the activities above.



Try this quick comprehension about the water cycle:

Water cycle comprehension

Week 5 (18.5.20)

 If you would like to email work (that you have completed over the previous weeks) to publish on the website then please send it to:


It has been great to receive emails telling us how you are all getting on. We do hope to see you all again soon when it's safe. Please keep us updated! We have had lots of work sent in so far this week:

  • Lizzie has made a simile poem, a simile monster, a biography and a PowerPoint about Chichen Itza. You have been very busy! 
  • Evan has made a PowerPoint about the end of the Ancient Maya period. 
  • Lilly P has produced a poster about the end of the Mayans.
  • Alyssia has sent a picture of her poster she created about the Mayans. We liked the drawing! See all their work below the Week 5 tasks!

  View all this great work under the Week 5 tasks.


What happened to the Mayas?

What ended the main period of Mayan civilization? Create a poster or write a paragraph explaining the reasons.


Diary Entry:

Write a diary entry from the point of view of one of your pets.  If you haven’t got a pet, or if you’d prefer, write it from the point of view of any animal you want. 

Here’s a link to Anne Fine reading ‘Diary of a Killer Cat’.

This is another example of a day in the life of a cat:

Example cat diary

Try and include:  paragraphs to show a change in time, different sentence openers to link ideas, a range of punctuation ( .  ,  ?  ! )




Have a go at this short comprehension comparing the Mayans to the Aztecs (including answers):





Visit the website and watch the video below on how to add and subtract fractions:

This worksheet has questions where denominators are the same:

Sheet 1

Then this one has denominators which are different:

Sheet 2

Finally try this worksheet with different levels of difficulty:

Sheet 3



Remember to keep checking the music page below:


Oak Academy do video lessons and a quiz for different topics each day. Here is the link for Year 5:

Here is a collection of Lizzie's work: 

Lilly P:



World Book Day

See the great costumes below:

Planting trees


Year 5 have been working with Mr Smith on planting trees. We will have to see how much they grow over the years!

Welcome back!


All the Year 5 staff are looking forward to another great year! We will be looking for our first Gold Card holders in the first few weeks and we will celebrate their achievement with a Gold Card party.


All children have PE on Wednesday and then either on Monday or Friday depending on which class they are in.


Homework will be set on a Thursday and due in on Tuesday.


We will be continuing with the Daily Mile so please ensure your child has their trainers every day.


Please feel free to come and talk to any of the teachers at the end of the day if you have any questions or concerns.



Teachers: Mrs Reynolds, Mrs Palit and Mr Love

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Hall and Miss England