St Thomas' Church


Fr Joseph vicar of St Thomas & All Saints.

Dear pupils, teachers and parents,

I am pleased that St Thomas school has a new improved website. It is important in this era of instant communication to keep up with the progress. I am also glad that the links between the local church St Thomas and St Thomas school are getting stronger and stronger. Besides the weekly collective worship assemblies and the five times a year school services in the church, for the last few months a class has attended the Sunday morning worship in the church. They sing and help with the service. They also learn about the life of the Church as some Sundays they witness special services such as thanksgiving for the birth of a child, anointing and baptism. St Thomas ’ church is at the heart of the community as in it, life from birth to death is blessed and prayed for. Generation after generation are baptized, married and commended to God the Almighty when they die. But in order to keep this church open for the generations to come we need you, the people of this town, to honour and cherish you local church St Thomas . We need you and your children to join us whenever it is possible and express the Christian ethos of the school in the acts of worship held in the church. We love Christmas, Easter and other celebrations of our Christian life. Why should we not say thank you to God on a regular basis for giving us these wonderful celebrations of our Christian life?

May God bless St Thomas school, the pupils, the teachers and the parents. May God bless and protect this wonderful town of Featherstone & Purston and the people who live within it.

Your priest and friend Fr. Joseph